13th Age Role Playing Game (Hardback)

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    • Created by Rob Heinsoo and Jonathan Tweet, 13th Age gives you all the tools you need to make unique characters who are immediately embedded in the setting in important ways; quickly prepare adventures based on the PCs backgrounds and goals; create your own monsters; fight exciting battles; and focus on what's always been cool and fun about fantasy adventure gaming:
    • Icon relationships and One Unique Things offer exciting storytelling possibilities
    • Backgrounds provide a simple, flexible skill system drawn from characters personal histories
    • Escalation dice enable fun, fast-moving d20 combat.
    • Owlbears will rip PC's limbs off to feed their young.
    • In the 13th Age of the world, adventurers seek their fortunes in the Dragon Empire while powerful individuals known as Icons pursue goals that may preserve the empire from chaos, or send it over the edge.
    • Players decide which Icons their characters ally with, and which ones they oppose. These relationships, along with a personal history and a unique trait chosen during character creation, help define an adventurer's place in the world of 13th Age and lay the groundwork for epic stories that emerge through play.
    • There are also fun new rules for hitting orcs and making them go splat.

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