Batman (1966) 5 points Deluxe Boxed Set

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    • The Batman Classic TV Series Deluxe 5-Points 3.75" Action Figure 7-Pack features:
    • Batman - renowned crime-fighting superhero of Gotham. In addition to a vast array of hi-tech gadgets, Batman has trained his body and mind to peak human condition to battle the forces of evil.
    • Robin - the Boy Wonder and Batman's trusty sidekick. Together, Batman & Robin form the Dynamic Duo.
    • Alfred - faithful butler to Bruce Wayne and the only person who knows Batman & Robin's secret identities. Alfred keeps busy with his duties at Wayne Manor and below it in the Batcave.
    • Catwoman - prrrofessional criminal, thief, and arch-nemesis to Batman & Robin.
    • The Joker - the Clown Prince of Crime whose jokes and pranks are committed amidst his heinous crimes.
    • The Penguin - foul fiend and felonious mastermind with a penchant for specialized, hi-tech umbrellas.
    • The Riddler - quizzical criminal trickster and one of Batman's greatest foes. The Riddler commits various bizarre crimes and leaves riddles behind leading to his next misdeed.
    • Batmobile - super-charged, super-vehicle full of gadgets to aid the Dynamic Duo during their missions.
    • Batcave - secret subterranean headquarters of Batman and Robin. The Batcave contains a direct passage to Wayne Manor and contains a wide range of crimefighting equipment.

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